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Caroline under the ARCH

Caroline under the ARCH

This is a question that is often asked by many people, while sitting in their office in front of a computer.  Gazing out of the window (if they are luckily enough to have one), dreams of “doing what you want to do”, “being in charge of my destiny” and “what if”.
Starting a business from scratch certainly is daunting.  Having done it myself, I never thought of the hurdles that would come my way.  I had never run a business before so how would I know.  I also never thought 11 years later, I would be employing staff and having premises – all quite amazing really, considering I started out as a “lady gardener with her mower”!
So if you have a love of gardening and all things horticultural and you sit at your desk dreaming of “gardening all day”, you really can make that dream become a reality.  I am offering people what I didn’t get at the beginning and that is support and advice from someone within the industry, in the form of a franchise.
You will have the procedures in place, the website and the marketing materials from the start.  You can turn all of the above into – “I did it”!
Is this for you?  For more information and an informal chat please contact Caroline on 01462 686491/07801 546990.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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