Herbs Highlighted – MINT (Mentha)

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Herbs Highlighted – MINT (Mentha)

We recently planted some herbs for one of our customers who just happened to mention that she was rather keen on Mint and was on the lookout for as many varieties as we could find.

This was a fun challenge for the team (including Moira in the office) who set about this task with much enthusiasm. To date we have found Chocolate, Pineapple, Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint, Banana and Yakima Chewing Gum Mint to name a few. We then had a debate on “how many varieties of Mint are there?” A few dozen, a few hundred – how many do YOU think

there are? Why not send me your answer via Facebook we can then compare answers and let you know in the next edition.

You may already be aware that our lovely digestive and culinary friend is very invasive and they are best planted in containers which can also be put into your beds. One thing to be aware of, if you have a number of mint plants close together, is that they may cross-pollinate, so it’s best to plant them a few feet apart. Apart from using Mint to make fresh Mint tea, you can’t beat a fresh Mint sauce to serve with your roast dinner.

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