We can help with:-

  • Weeding
  • Planting and cutting Hedging
  • Working with trained professionals – Tree Surgery and Lawn Maintenance
  • Planning & Maintaining Herbaceous Borders
  • Planning & Maintaining Vegetable Plots
  • Provide and Advise Compost Bins
  • Landscaping and “Small landscaping” work
  • Design
  • Pressure washing of hard services


Assisting you in the creation of your garden – all year round!

ARCH Gardening maintenance visit includes:

  • Cutting the lawn, including cutting the edges
  • Pruning and shaping shrubs (inc: climbers) when needed
  • Weeding and digging over beds/borders
  • Sweeping / clearing paths and any paved areas
  • Tidying pots/baskets
  • Clearing of leaves and generally tidying
  • Advising on improvements

Many of our customers wish to be visited weekly – having the lawn cut on Week 1 and other areas worked on week 2.  This is something that can be discussed at our initial visit and is personalised to each garden and season.
Our schedules are planned and when allocated a day and time, we endeavour to keep it unchanged.
We can work whether you are at home or not, as long as we have access to the garden.  Payment can be on the day in cash or cheque.  However, should you not be in you can arrange payment into our bank account or payment upon invoice.
Please call now to arrange for a brief visit to discuss your garden maintenance needs.




Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance

Not been able to keep on top of your garden? Perhaps you have just moved in or getting ready to sell your property and need to attract potential buyers with that “kerb appeal”.  We are happy to do a “one off” job to get your garden back in shape, so you can maintain it or, if you wish, we can maintain it on a regular basis.






Lawn treatments

Lawn Care

Lawn treatments are available to keep your lawn weed and moss free.







Keep your garden looking at its best

Keep your garden looking at its best

Do you lead a busy life?  Struggling to keep your garden tidy and not getting the pruning or planting done at the right time of year?  We are happy to set up regular visits throughout the year – weekly, fortnightly or monthly – to maintain your garden for you.






We can source plants

We can source plants

We have a number of local garden centres and wholesale plant nurseries that we regular use and are happy to provide products when we are visiting.  If it is not in stock we are happy to order it on your behalf and deliver when we can.  Be it a bag of compost or plants, it is seen as part of our service to you.








Pruning Hedge

Pruning Hedge

Pruning the shrubs at the right time of year to maximise the benefit of the plant in your garden.







ARCH Gift Vouchers

Perfect gift ideas


Wanting a present for a relative or friend?  Why not buy some ARCH Gardening vouchers.  These can be used for “one off” visits or contribute towards ongoing maintenance.






planting pots and containers

Planting pots and containers

Pots and containers in the garden can brighten an area instantly, with lots of seasonal bedding or cleverly planted permanent planting.  We are able to supply new or refresh your existing ones.

We are able to create and offer hanging baskets to your requirements. We can either refill existing baskets, or supply you with new baskets and arrangements.







Water your garden

We can even water your garden whilst you are on holiday!

Being qualified horticulturalists, we are able to maintain gardens throughout the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – knowing what to prune in each season ensuring the best for your plants and your garden all the year through.  Listed below are just some of the jobs that we can do for you:
Spring:    Preparing beds, clearing ground and planting
Summer: Lawn cutting and weeding
Autumn: Clearing leaves and planting bulbs
Winter: Pruning and planning




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